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5 Arts.

50 Cities.

500 Collectors.

One goal: Education.



Committed to excellence in Fine Arts, Polyseum is a charity with a vision: Building a new ecosystem for Fine Arts, based on education.   

A place where creativity meets expression, past meets future, experience becomes knowledge, communication becomes education. 


Our unique concept for multi-path art centers, where our educational programs will be delivered.  A real beehive of creativity, Polyseum centers will attract artists, enthusiasts, academics, young people and schools through a dynamic menu of activities and top-tier exhibitions.



Our members are selected among the top 500 private Art collectors worldwide.

An incredible community sharing our vision to revisit the overall business of art from an educational point of view, while sharing experience with our audiences of young people.



The Polyseum Society is a Fine Arts educational project of The Polyseum Foundation in London. 

Our charity proposes multiple activities devoted to support and foster international exchange of knowledge and culture, developing and delivering educational programs in proprietary centers. 

The Polyseum Society is an independent membership-based charity association, gathering 500 among the best private Art collectors in the World, interested to support our educational programs. The Society gives back to its members by offering a range of benefits and specialized Art programs, developed by renown professionals and delivered in an unbiased environment.



One should not travel to see art.

Polyseum Centers are the proprietary delivery points of our productions: art shows, world-class exhibitions, seminars, masterclasses, academies and Laboratory work seamlessly with our artists-in-residence.

Our Fine Arts committee features international experts, critics, collectors and professors whose curated Art path will translate into rotating exhibitions, featuring extraordinary pieces and immersive experiences


We look at small cities interested in Fine Arts and educational programs but with no fully-fledged museums or with limited financial resources to build one. Our exclusive licensing program allows them to receive a World-class Fine Art center without investing in the underlying collections.  

Be it a new iconic building, a library, a school, a private club or a shack, Polyseum will deliver world-class exhibitions and excellent programs for students of every age. 


Polyseum centers are tailor-made. Licenses are studied with the hosting City considering the cultural, economic and educational features of the local community.  Art will be proposed as an immersive experience and our educational programs will be tailored on the expectations and needs of our hosts.

Real beehives of creativity, Polyseum centers will attract artists, enthusiasts, academics, young people and schools through a dynamic menu of activities, exhibitions and proprietary productions.



Our members are all professional art collectors, each one a champion in his own specialty.

They all believe in education, and they think that it is a pity to leave their fabulous art pieces in Bank vaults.

Polyseum gives them a chance to put their artworks in the public eye, contributing to our educational programs, while improving their network and increasing the value of their collection.

 Membership is by invitation only. Applications will be vetted by our Art committee before approval.

Information on our members is always treated as strictly confidential. 



Our fellow members join Polyseum primarily to express their sensitivity to Art education in several Countries. However, the Society offers them an incredible range of benefits, supporting their passion.

Plus access to our universe of scholars, experts and institutions offering unbiased advice on Fine Arts.


The Lounge

A members-only online and offline lounge, suitable for private art discussions, exchange of ideas and ultimately artwork acquisitions.

Our curators and our network of experts are there to assist you.


The Temple

A public place to discuss art, to find top experts for professional opinions, curators for your collection, publishers to create a catalog and special advisors to support your evaluations.


The Bank

A professional way to connect art to finance. A menu of innovative instruments and services including art lending, guided investments and ultimately access to the Polyseum Art Fund



Protect, evaluate, grow. PEG is our proprietary

 structuring program to protect art collections.

A customised system that ring fence your art, shielding it from risk and allowing a safe growth in value.





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